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Nagasaki Mayor urges realization of a world free of Nuclear Weapons

At a ceremony to mark the 66th anniversary of the atomic bomb attack in Nagasaki, Japan, Nagasaki Mayor, Tomihisa Taue, eloquently argued for the need of a nuclear-free world.  He began by acknowledging that Japan has been, once again, reminded of the enormous perils of nuclear power due to the tragic Fukushima nuclear power station accident that took place in March.  Taue then highlighted the dangers posed by the more than 20,000 nuclear weapons still in existence in the world.  He intensely described the inhumane characteristics of a nuclear attack, stating that "no reason can ever justify human beings possessing even one nuclear weapon".  Mayor Taue strongly urged United States President Barack Obama to take action behind his rhetoric of pursuing a nuclear free world.  He went on to state that Western powers that possess nuclear weapons, under the leadership of President Obama, should push for a Nuclear Weapons Convention, which would abolish all nuclear weapons.  Regarding denuclearization of his own region, the Mayor went on to say that he looks forward to progress on a Northeast Asian Nuclear Weapon Free Zone, which would include Japan, South Korea and North Korea.  In the end, Taue added that exhibitions of the wreckage left by the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki will be put in place in Geneva this year, and he insisted on similar exhibitions occurring all over the globe – in an effort to show the inhumanity of nuclear weapons and to push towards a global nuclear zero.

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